Sabado, Nobyembre 24, 2012

CF Cheats; CF HAcks; Cf Launcher Download..!!!

Hey Guys,

l Bring to u l Very Very Cool Hack

This hack not need injector..

Just open it (if u have Windows 7 Run it As Administrator)
And Wait 30 Sec And He Will Show A bigger Windows

Then Open CrossFire From Patcher_cf

In The Game Press Insert To SHow The Menu Of The Hack

Windows XP:Tested..
Windows Vista:Tested..
Windows 7:Tested

Shoot Thr Wall Perfect work in Egypt. Whenyou press F5. You game be freezing 2 seconds and then OK.
When you Exit room please turn it off ( Shoot Thr Wall )

Some Pic:

Mediafire Downloads:

Download The Link Above....


Use Direct Link Below

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